Ambitions, vision and 360 marketing

Each story with Puls begins with attentive listening, it aims to give birth to a vision, a perspective. Using this essential ingredient, Puls compiles its creative skills in order to create original, impactful strategies.

A successful communicative action also results in the choice of the right tools. Puls masters all communication channels and takes care of producing personalized plans. Our leitmotif: to create a link between each of the components of our strategies.

When global communication becomes by nature digital

Interact now and everywhere on the globe, share every second, that’s what digital imposes on us. Our conviction is that this infinite playground requires vision, sensitivity and multiple skills in order to fully exploit it.

On permanent watch, Puls communicates at all times, manages speaking on networks, controls influence, thinks about e-commerce of tomorrow and develops innovative web platforms.

Trendy and visionary creative productions

Transcend, excite, vibrate, the visual art allows to trigger strong emotions, to share ideologies and visions. To create you have to know how to listen to trends and sometimes challenge the unexpected.

A synergy with relevant marketing concepts leads to communicating projects with high added value. Puls involves its creative resources in order to create living designs, adapted productions evolving at the rate of the crazy energy of the digital world.

Creation and management of branded living experiences

Living exceptional moments, sharing with maximum respect these are the vocations of the 2020 generation. Each brand has unique qualities and values which all have the potential for an atypical experience and adapted to the expectations of these new consumers.

Puls designs and produces unique events for all types of communities. Designing an impactful experience requires enthusiasm and sensitivity on one hand and commercial and marketing realism on the other. We take care to marry these two worlds and to link them with all the pragmatism necessary for the organization of an event.


Administrative Director, Associate


General Director, Associate

Armand FAURE

Assistant Director

Elodie Castera

Project management

Junior Projects Manager

Adrien Dumont

Production Director


Projets Manager


Management assistant

Anaïs Caminade


Art Director

Nathalie IDJA

Webdesigner UX



Mathilde Buré

Lead Developer


Elisa Sanchez

Community Manager

Elisa Sanchez

Apprenticeship Developer

Paul Fournier

Our collective of passionate professionals compiles creativity, agility and diversity of skills.

— Armand Faure


Indispensable brands, prestigious establishments or innovative web portals, through its various entities, Puls is diversifying its panel of clients.